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The content for all workshops covers the practice and evidence requirement for the appropriate Supporting People QAF standard.

Protection of Vulnerable AdultsDolphins


  • Ensure working practices comply with the SP QAR standards and the requirements of local adult protection framework
  • Create an environment that is ‘Abuse Aware’ to prevent incidents of abuse
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the adult protection team
  • The definitions and categories  of abuse
  • Understand how abuse can occur
  • Potential indicators of abuse
  • Develop methods of working to create and maintain a safe environment for service delivery

Safeguarding Children & Young People


  • Definitions and categories of abuse
  • Concept of significant harm
  • Potential indicators of abuse
  • Exploring professional abuse and bad practice
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Responding to concerns
  • Reporting potential abuse
  • Local authority child protection procedures

Professional Boundaries


The Managers role

  • Understanding their role and responsibility in implementing a Professional Boundaries framework
  • Ensure practice complies with and adheres to supporting people standards
  • Induct, train and supervise staff within a clear Professional Boundaries framework of behaviours
  • Recognise and deal with breaches of boundaries in an appropriate manner

The Front line staff

  • Understand their role in developing and promoting Professional Boundaries within the staff team and organisation
  • Define Professional Boundaries and determine appropriate service user interaction
  • Understand appropriate self disclosure and confidentiality issues
  • Understand the line between breaches of Professional Boundaries and the abuse of resident’s rights.

Person Centred Planning


  • Needs and risk assessment to determine appropriate support levels
  • Developing service user led support plans
  • Create a structure for consistent and timely key working sessions
  • Develop a non engagement process
  • Develop a structured review structure
  • Recognise the key skills required for effective person centred planning.

Motivational Interviewing


  • Introduce the underlying principles, techniques and practice of M.I
  • To identify the process by which change can occur and understand the role of workers in assisting movement through change
  • To understand how M.I can be applied within Supported Housing services
  • To Provide a client focused / led person centred approach to service delivery
  • Demonstrate the skills in applying M.I.

Working with Sex Offenders


  • Explore the personality and profile of sex offenders
  • Understand their cycles of behaviour and offending
  • Explore the need for structured risk assessment process to minimise risk to staff, current service users and the community
  • Clarify the need for Professional Boundaries; determine the principles of good working practice and how to implement them when working with sex offenders.

Break the ChainsResidents Rights


  • Explore the issue of residents rights within the context of appropriate housing management practice
  • Review current procedures and identify gaps in policy and Implementation
  • Understand the key elements between rights, responsibilities and the organisations in providing a framework for consistent professional Implementation
  • Identify and develop a strategy to implement resident’s rights which encompasses legal, ethnical and meets supporting people QAF requirements.
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